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    Playstation Move - Wii Crusher?

    Average Joe
    Average Joe

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    Playstation Move - Wii Crusher?

    Post by internetlot on Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:21 pm

    Okay so the Playstation Move has been released now and a review has been published on IGN -

    Do you guys think that the Wii will do worse now that the Playstation Move is here? Will it give "hardcore" players more of a excuse to dish the Wii, stating that "We have motion control now and it's better!"? I myself am I little scared of the Wii's future(Not Nintendo...3DS for the win).

    I love the Wii, I love the games on the Wii...I don't need Modern Warefare to be a hardcore gamer. I feel like this is going to greatly help the stigma of Wii players being casual gamers(I read an article in the JB Hi-Fi magazine basically saying that Wii gamers only play on the weekend compared to every day hardcore gamers).

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