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    Has anyone here been affected by the whole PSN affair

    Average Joe
    Average Joe

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    Has anyone here been affected by the whole PSN affair

    Post by internetlot on Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:19 pm

    I've been wondering because the media seem to be enjoying having a kick at Sony. I'd say it's just them beating it up to get a story but I'm wondering, has anyone here been affected by the whole thing? Any of you guys had to change e-mail addresses or verify that no one's using your credit card details and stuff?

    Also, after reading in the paper today that Sony had to take down the website they set up to start getting the PSN ball rolling again due to a giant hole in the security or something, has this whole ordeal shaken your confidence in Sony's online security? A poll on GameFAQs a few days ago didn't have too many outraged fans (though most of them voted the I don't have a PSN account option), how do you guys with PSN accounts see it?

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