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    Things your going to do differently next gen

    Average Joe
    Average Joe

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    Things your going to do differently next gen

    Post by internetlot on Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:26 pm

    As each gen goes and passes, we learn new things to follow for the next one. With the next generation of consoles approaching both Handheld and Console, what are the lessons you have learned this gen- and what are you going to do differently next gen?

    Buy the console when I want it- not new or because its "it".
    I found buying the DS was pointless when the next year or so a much more stylish version was out- and only then did the console start to pick up game quality wise.

    Less games for more enjoyment.
    I've got a substantial collection for both the Wii and DS this gen, about 20 - 40 titles a par, which is much more then what I've gotten in previous generations. I have found that with this large amount not many of the titles I own I can safely say are ones I enjoy- and these are only bought to begin with because they looked interesting. Next gen I'm going to be more restrictive on what I buy- for me Zelda is a must buy, but Mario, Metroid etc. are not.

    Research new IPs I even have the slightest doubt before buying.
    So many games like MadWorld, Conduit, No More Heroes etc. I bought on hast because everyones like "lol these are awesome gamez!!!!!" to bad they are not. Basically no point in buying games if I don't get enjoyment out of them, even if the promises is a little bit interesting.

    Probably a few other typical bitches I have about games- but yeah, what about you guys?

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