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    Darkeden EUS


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    Darkeden EUS Empty Darkeden EUS

    Post by DarkHealer on Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:55 pm

    A Vampire MMORPG, similar to Diablo. Click & Slash, you have 3 races to pick from and around 15 classes. The game is Free-to-play!

    Darkeden is daylight based, meaning there's a 24 hour day that shifts from day to night.
    At night vampires are stronger, and at day "slayers" (humans) are stronger. Maximum level is 250.

    Darkeden EUS D66ai

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    Information about vampire race:
    Can move fast (faster than the eye, so it looks like they're gliding on air)
    Can drink blood to regain hp, can regenerate from damages such as bullet wounds etc.
    Can turn into a bat, a wolf or a werewolf( lycan).
    Can turn invisible.

    Among vampire you can choose between being a melee vampire (close combat) or a mage vampire( Requires more strategy to play a mage vamp)

    Mage vampires = Most known for their torture skills such as blinding spells, paralyze. They can keep you alive just to play with you till they've had enough. Only then will they kill you.

    Melee vampires = Fast & strong beings whos claws can cut through steel plated armor, bullets are rarely enough to stop one of these. You'll need a rocket launcher. But be careful because they're very fast, hard to hit them.


    Ousters are relatives to fairies, they can use the magic of the nature to create powerful spells. Such as teleportation, prison of water, meteors, hellfire and much more.

    There's 4 classes of ousters to pick from.

    Water = Can control water, and revive /heal other ousters. Summon water elemental

    Fire = Can control fire, very powerful offensive magic such as hellfire, magma meteors, summon
    fire elemental etc.

    Earth = Can control earth, summon earth elemental. Can create a armor of earth, the defensive
    ouster that can take a lot of hits.
    Air/combat ouster = The hand-to-hand combat ouster who prefers a circular blade to slice enemies.
    Can move extremely fast and summon razor blades from the sky.

    Slayer (Human)

    Gunner = Uses automatic rifle, sniper rifles, smg etc. Can call for satellite bombs and XL rockets to blast enemies to tiny pieces. Can also turn into a a powerful turret, that is unmovable but with insane firepower.

    Sworder = Uses sworder & shield, can move faster than the eye and slice anything.

    Blader = Uses a big sword, one swing is enough to create a hurricane.

    Healer = A powerful magician, that can revive & heal other allies. But can also destroy enemies
    with a lightning bolt from the sky.

    Enchanter = A powerful magician that can buff your allies to see invisible vampires, and trap them in powerful spells.
    This is a interesting game with one rule, survival of the fittest. Create a clan, and beat your enemies. Drain their blood or just keep them trapped in powerful spells till they beg you to kill them.

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